PPC Management Services

Having your paid search advertising managed efficiently and effectively, brings you less expensive traffic from people searching for your products or services. Webindia.online ® goal is to increase your leads, calls and sales through search engine marketing best practices. Our team of PPC experts has the right combination of knowledge, experience and resources to achieve this goal for you.

PPC Management Services


Whether you already have an account, or are about to create one, we can help. We will do a free audit of your current account(s) to create a plan to take it where you want it to be. Or a free analysis and projection of what you want to do. We will get to know your business like you do, learn your products and services, and demographics. This is absolutely vital to building a successful campaign… FREE!


Are you tired of losing business to your competitors?
Are you ready to dominate all their keywords and ads? We’ll find out which keywords, what ads, and where they are in order for you to get the best of them on every search… FREE!


We build your new account or properly rebuild your old account from top to bottom using every tool Google offers. We build tightly segmented ad groups, keywords and ads built around your products and services… Google rewards relevance, not monotonous, robotic data entry. It takes thinking, and intelligence, and a lot of work. We care and it shows… FREE!


When you sign with us, all the analysis, auditing, research and set up is FREE. All we charge you is a never changing monthly fee for complete expert management, transparent reporting and hands off peace of mind for you. Just sit back and watch the revenue roll in, yes, it’s that simple… Only $149.99 for the First Month!

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We are more than just web designers

Our creative Patna based web design team are a talented bunch but as a full service web agency we offer much more than web design. Our team of web developers, project managers and marketeers bring strategic thinking to the project. This allows us to design unique, creative and engaging websites, which is reflected in the online success and growth of our clients..

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Our offices are in Patna, please get in contact to discuss your project.

Web Design in Patna

A lot of web design companies may come up with just one web design concept for you. Webindia.online believe in a choice of several different web design concepts, so that the client can feel confident in the choice they make. A web designer on his own will never have all the skills to build a large website.

We can arrange for you to have a one-to-one meeting with aweb designer from our team, so that you can specify in detail, your professional webdesign. The designated graphic designer will then take these details and generate a range of best web designers ideas for your website.

Once these web designs have been created, the client will then be presented with the concepts. It is the clients final choice of design concept that will be used as the design for the final website

Web Design Company Patna

Not every website design company is the same. Most are unprofessional web agencies who can dabble in web design but are simply not that good. Web designing is an art form and not everyone can be a professional web designer.

Web Design Companies Patna

One the aspects of searching for established web design companies is their past websites. Why don't you come into our web design studios Patna and see for yourself. Find us with the following words online such as web designers, creative, website design, web designers and of course including the much search terms web designers in the Bihar.